Vancouver’s Anciients are streaming “Serpents,” a crushing new track track taken from their highly anticipated new album, Voice from the Void. Voice from the Void was recorded by Jesse Gander (3 Inches of Blood, Baptists) at Rain City Recordings.

Regarding the new track, guitarist Chris Dyck comments: “Once the song started to take shape we noticed it was headed into power ballad territory (for the band). We all had a laugh, started calling it ‘The November Rainer’ and just went with it. I love how this song turned out. [To me] there’s shades of late 80’s Metallica/GnR riff-wise and shades of Soundgarden vocally. I’m glad we put a song like this on Voice of the Void, and how it opens the door for us to do more slow and wide-open songs in the future. We really hope everyone enjoys it!”

Voice from the Void Track Listing:

01. Following the Voice
02. Buried in Sand
03. Worshipper
04. Pentacle
05. Descending
06. Ibex Eye
07. My Home, My Gallows
08. Serpents
09. Incantations