Vermont’s gritty progressive metal outfit Barishi are streaming another pummeling new track off their new full-length, Blood from the Lion’s Mouth. The album was recorded by Brian Westbrook at PDP Recording (Lich King) in Greenfield, Massachusetts during winter 2015-2016.

Regarding the album, the band comments: “We’re really proud of this album. It was an absolute blast to both write and record. We spent last summer at home in Jamaica, Vermont writing constantly. Our goal was to come up with something that was cohesive as a whole but also had an individuality to each track. Our producer Brian Westbrook really went above and beyond with it’s production. He has such clear vision in regards to a song’s structure as well as it’s sonic potential. It was killer to work with him again.”

Established in 2010 in Southern Vermont by guitarist Graham Brooks, bassist Jon Kelley and drummer Dylan Blake, Barishi have performed their unique take on metal throughout the east coast of the United States. Within two years of their formation, vocalist Sascha Simms joined the band and completed the lineup that would release a self-titled LP in 2013 to critical acclaim.

Blood from the Lion’s Mouth Track Listing:

01. Grave of the Creator
02. Blood From the Lion’s Mouth
03. The Great Ennead
04. Death Moves in Silence
05. Master Crossroads, Baron Cemetery
06. Bonesetter
07. The Deep
08. The Spectral Order