Dudes, this band is not only incredible but has a very lengthy career ahead. Their music belies their age and you might be shocked to learn that the guys in Austin, TX’s rock band, Residual Kid – Ben Redman, Deven Ivy and Max Redman – are all in their early teens! The trio blend noise, punk, grunge and alternative into a catchy but grimy sound that, at times, feels like very early Nirvana. With their latest EP, Salsa, out now on Sire Records we’re happy to share this rad TOP 10 list from singer and guitarist Deven Ivy wherein he discusses his fave, most stylish cars.

10. Pontiac Aztec
– The timeless styling of this classic will never fade. Featuring a rear end that will leave you confused as it passes you on the highway.

09. PT Cruiser
– The PT, regardless of performance and reputation, carries a legacy larger than any other car on the list. It has undeniable styling that will set you apart from all other drivers.

08. AMC Gremlin
– A small pod that holds more character than you. You are sure to get lots of looks on the roadways.

07. Subaru Brat
– The lesser known El Camino! However, the Brat is much smaller and will tempt you to try and get some air off a jump.

06. Alfa Romeo 164
– There’s something special about an Italian sports car brand sinking to its lowest point in history.

05. Pontiac Fiero
– I don’t understand why anyone would ever need another sports car. This is the answer to your dreams.

04. Cadillac Brougham
– Big and Cheesy American style. All of your friends will want a ride.

03. Opel Kadett
– Yet another functional, small car that will likely be very hard to find parts for in just a few years. Very rad!

02. The Excalibur touring sedan
– Americans tried to cash in on the styles of the past, but instead coughed up this turd.

01. Plymouth Prowler
– If you are buying one of these, you may have an interest in hot rods. But, you have made a mistake.

Check out the EP Salsa

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