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DEFY THE OCEAN Take a “Rest” From Upcoming ‘Elderflower’ EP [Exclusive Video Premiere]

Ahead of it’s release on September 2, British post-rock band Defy The Ocean are exclusively premiering the first teaser video from their new EP Elderflower here. Check out “Rest” inside…



Defy The Ocean are Chris Theo (vocals, guitars) and Marcos Economides (drums, guitars) – a duo based in London. The pair are set to release their new EP, Elderflower, on September 2, 2016. Ahead of the release Defy The Ocean are streaming the teaser video for the opening track to the EP, “Rest”, exclusively here from today. Check it out now.

Vocalist/guitarist Chris Theo had this to say about the track: “The ‘Intro’ track can be a beast unto itself. It draws you into the sonic space of the record and writing ‘Rest’ is our attempt to do just that. We wanted this be the first thing you heard of the EP and to really pull you in to it. But the other thing about the first track on a record is that they can often be rule breakers, teasing you with a sense of what’s to come, bittersweet, giving you just enough to want more. A promise. ‘Rest’ is that promise and the EP is us doing our utmost to deliver on it.”

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