The Skinny: Man, today is a solid day for exclusives! This time we’re stoked to have partnered with garage rock duo Satellite Sky to bring you not just some of their new music, but their entire new EP Magnetize pre-order here! For those of you who DO pre-order the album, you’ll be happy to know that Satellite Sky is offering a limited number of signed CDs accompanied with a free download of the album at a discounted price from now until the album comes out on May 5th!

Following the White Stripes garage rock formula of a guitar and drums duo, Satellite Sky features Pete Kicks on guitar and Kim Kicks on drums, but these two are in fact blood-related siblings. Satellite Sky is based in Los Angeles by way of Melbourne Australia and came into music in a very non-musical way.

Pete went to school for Astrophysics and Astronomy and received and honors degree in Science in Australia. Although science is not generally associated with inspiring rock music, for Satellite Sky, it was the catalyst that helped them develop their sound. According to Pete “Studying topics like Astrophysics and Astronomy really allow you to gain perspective on where you sit in the universe,” which has not only shaped the bands expansive sound but was also the inspiration for the band name, Satellite Sky.


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