Staggeringly better than the woefully bland Neighbourhoods, this tight EP gets Blink back to form quickly and is being hailed by some as a harbinger of the band’s bright future. Whether or not nineteen minutes of music can be said to indicate imminent amelioration is a bit questionable, but these five tracks definitely stand as the band’s best release since their eponymous album way back in 2003.

The title track is the centerpiece, but really all the songs have a nice snap to them; the weakest being the heavily Angels and Airwaves tinged “Disaster”. Other than the fact that Blink is way too Tom these days, and the basically inexcusable inclusion of a rap middle-fifth on “Pretty Little Girl”, Dogs Eating Dogs is a surprisingly impressive release.

The closing track would probably be the strongest if it wasn’t for the rapping, but as it stands the two opening songs are the best while the slick acoustic pop of “Boxing Day” is at least a nice change of pace. And even throughout the EP’s weaker moments, the tangible synergy of Mark and Tom working in the same room imbues the sound with a natural and organic dynamic, which was glaringly absent on last year’s album.

It’s not the best thing you’ll hear to close out 2012, but in light of the fractured and stuttering Neighbourhoods, Dogs Eating Dogs is quite remarkable. Even as a long time Blink fan, I didn’t think they had it in them anymore.

Track Listing:

01. When I Was Young
02. Dogs Eating Dogs
03. Disaster
04. Boxing Day
05. Pretty Little Girl

Run Time: 19:00
Release Date: December 18, 2012

Check out the EP trailer: