Having spent the best part of their career supporting some of America’s finest purveyors of modern hard rock (Papa Roach, Shinedown, Black Stone Cherry), it comes as no surprise that Filthy Empire is a prime slab of pumping, hard rock full of wailing solos and loud choruses.

Take “Fire, Fire” for example, a song built around a huge chorus and a swagger usually reserved for bands like AC/DC and Aerosmith, while “Lights Out In London” is a slinky, bluesy rocker that conjures up images of the dark, depraved streets of London’s less salubrious night spots. Not afraid to open up the throttle, the Brit rockers certainly know how to pump out the riffs as tracks like the shuddering “I Am Electric” and the ballsy “Heartbreaking Son Of A Bitch” are both simply packed with quality fist-pumping riffery.

Fronted by Aaron Buchanan, a man who may have an American twang to his voice, Heaven’s Basement have the perfect match for their Jack Daniels laced rock n’ roll. With a cockiness usually reserved for more experienced vocalists (i.e. not someone who shoehorned his way in to the position twelve months ago), Buchanan’s powerful vocals lend themselves perfectly to songs like “Can’t Let Go”, songs that, were they written by an American band, would be shaking the walls of arenas all over the world.

It’s not all ’80s-tinged, gasoline-soaked rock though as the obligatory acoustic number, in this case the emotional “The Price We Pay”, breaks up the cocksure, guitar-slinging swagger for a few brief moments. Fear not though for business is soon resumed as the album heads into the final two anthems – “Jump Back” and “Executioner’s Day” with that familiar brazen energy that will make this album a firm favourite with fans of frill-free, high energy rock n’ roll!

Track Listing:

01. Welcome Home
02. Fire, Fire
03. Nothing Left To Lose
04. Lights Out In London
05. I Am Electric
06. The Long Goodbye
07. Heartbreaking Son Of A Bitch
08. Be Somebody
09. Can’t Let Go
10. The Price We Pay
11. Jump Back
12. Executioner’s Day

Run Time: 59:36
Release Date: February 4, 2013

Check out the song: “Fire, Fire”


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