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“Revelation Breakthrough” is a brand new track from metal band Seconds To Impact, available here for free download. The group is based in Maywood, New Jersey and includes five members who all grew up with a steady diet of classic and modern metal. They strive to carry the torch of their idols such as Ronnie James Dio and Black Sabbath and other classic metallers. Seconds To Impact is fronted by New Jersey native Alexander Caraballo who, interestingly enough, is a classically-trained opera singer who decided that his heart was more in heavy metal.

The band was formed as recently as late 2011 and the members are all essentially self-taught. They soon got down to business writing and recording and fairly quickly came up with their debut CD. The album, titled Bring The Night On, was released in the Summer of 2012 and puts well on display the classic influences that Seconds To Impact tries to incorporate into their music. They are currently touring the northeast and recently had the good fortune of opening for Marc Rizzo of Soulfly.