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The Skinny: EndAnd is a punk and alternative rock trio from Brooklyn, New York. Early on in 2011, guitarist and singer Daniel Fern and drummer Mike Morales started out as a rock duo quite like the White Stripes and the two of them began to build a strong local following. As they began to play more and more shows, they drew the attention of more people, including one particular gig at Williamsburg’s Public Assembly where they shared the stage with the band Capita Clip. After being blown away by Capita Clip’s set, Morales and Fern asked their bassist Bill Fitzgerald if he would like to sit in at their next practice to which he gladly agreed.

After discovering a collective chemistry at this first practice with Fitzgerald, he officially jumped on board and EndAnd suddenly became a ferocious power trio. The group’s latest release is titled Adventures of Fi in Space which is a summation of the band’s two EPs, Adventures of Hi-Fi in Space and Adventures of Lo-Fi in Space. From the new album, here is the track “Commando” available for free download!