The Black Keys seem to again have a big hit on their hands with the recent release of the duo’s seventh album, El Comino. The record has garnered them the best reviews and sales numbers of their career and maybe their biggest hit, with first single “Lonely Boy.” It’s amazing to think that this is now the band’s seventh album and they only recently began to receive mainstream recognition.

The second single from El Comino is called “Gold on the Ceiling,” a more mid tempo track than the fast moving “Lonely Boy.” “Gold on the Ceiling” has a very southern, bluesy feel to it that stays very true to the duo’s roots and influences. I like “Gold on the Ceiling” as a song, but on the other hand there is really nothing to rave about it. I’d say it’s slightly too predictable and unexciting, especially to be a second single from a big record. This isn’t to take anything away from an otherwise solid track; I just don’t think the Black Keys are at the top of their game on this one. A solid, if unspectacular song.

Run Time: 3:45
Release Date: February 27, 2012

Check out the song: “Gold on the Ceiling”