Streamlining Title Fight’s early releases, The Last Thing You Forget brings together three separate EP’s to celebrate the humble beginnings of these Pennsylvanian phenoms. Framing the growth of the young band and positing the creative progression that inevitably led to 2011’s stunning full length, this record is a necessity for any fan of Title Fight.

The first three tracks come from The Last Thing You Forget 7-inch, the next three from the 2008 Kingston EP, the following five from the 2007 split with the Erection Kids, and the capper, “Western Haikus”, is exclusive to the CD. Overall, the disc spans two years, puts together 12 tracks, and – with the likes of “Symmetry”, “Loud and Clear”, “Anaconda Sniper”, and “Neck Deep” – provides some of the best songs Title Fight has written to date.

From a gritty and dynamic maturity, to the fledgling pop-punk sounds of earlier work, The Last Thing You Forget allows the listener to recognize the growth of this exceptional band and confidently expect a dazzling career to follow.

Track Listing:

01. Symmetry
02. Introvert
03. No One Stays at the Top Forever
04. Memorial Field
05. Loud and Clear
06. Youreyeah
07. Room 200
08. Evander
09. Anaconda Sniper
10. Goldwaite
11. Neck Deep
12. Western Haikus

Run Time: 26:36
Release Date: June 23, 2009

Check out the song: “Symmetry”