the black keys


The Black Keys seem to again have a big hit on their hands with the recent release of the duo’s seventh album, El Comino. The record has garnered them the best reviews and sales numbers of their career and maybe their biggest hit, with first single “Lonely Boy.” It’s amazing to think that this is now the band’s seventh album and they only recently began to receive mainstream recognition.

Fresh off the massive breakthrough success of their Brothers album in 2010/2011, the Black Keys are back already with the follow-up El Camino. The Keys became a household name after Brothers pumped out a few massive hits and was overall an excellent release, so the pressure might be a little heavier with this new record. Then again, the Keys don’t seem like a group who cares all that much about catering to the masses, as they’ve always done things on their own terms.

It’s quite unfortunate, but it’s taken the mainstream until 2010 to give any notoriety to The Black Keys. The Keys have been releasing records for years and slowly but surely have chipped away to the point where they’re now three time Grammy nominees and a platinum selling artist. From start to finish the album Brothers is an absolute blues rock-infused trip that will keep you coming back for more and more. The duo might not win any awards for originality, but they sure will for their stripped down and funky blues riffs.