On their sophomore full-length release the UK alt/indie act Band Of Skulls has virtually perfected their brand of infectiously catchy, melodic rock. Musically they have the feel of an indie band playing sludge rock, but layered over the fuzzy yet insanely groovy rhythm tracks are some of the smoothest, sweetest-sounding harmony vocal lines I’ve heard in a long time. The songs themselves run the gamut from the slower paced, (yet still overdriven) tune, “Lay My Head Down” to the super-catchy, mid-tempo, riff driven opener, “Sweet Sour.”

Many of the songs are so hypnotic and mesmerizing that they burrowed into my head and remained with me throughout the day. “Sweet Sour,” is the best example; it was literally hours after I had turned off the player and the chorus was still echoing around in my noggin. Over all this is a record that is well worth the spin.

Track Listing:

01. Sweet Sour
02. Bruises
03. Wanderluster
04. The Devil Takes Care Of His Own
05. Lay My Head Down
06. You’re Not Pretty But You Got It Goin’ On
07. Navigate
08. Hometown
09. Lies
10. Close to Nowhere

Run Time: 38:40
Release Date: February 14, 2012

Check out the song: “Bruises”