Originally broadcast last year by the BBC in celebration of Queen’s 40th Anniversary, Days Of Our Lives has been presented to audiences as “the definitive documentary” about this iconic British rock band. Trying to comprise decades of vital rock history in just 2:30 hours was a task of monumental proportions, but director Matt O’Casey (mastermind behind the BBC series ‘I’m in a Rock N’ Roll band’) accepted the challenge and emerged mostly victorious.

On their sophomore full-length release the UK alt/indie act Band Of Skulls has virtually perfected their brand of infectiously catchy, melodic rock. Musically they have the feel of an indie band playing sludge rock, but layered over the fuzzy yet insanely groovy rhythm tracks are some of the smoothest, sweetest-sounding harmony vocal lines I’ve heard in a long time. The songs themselves run the gamut from the slower paced, (yet still overdriven) tune, “Lay My Head Down” to the super-catchy, mid-tempo, riff driven opener, “Sweet Sour.”

In preparation for their March 16th US release, this sweet alt-punk band is giving away their first track, “The Consequence,” for free. A little more than one year after the release of You Me At Six’s debut album, Take Off Your Colours – a collection that propelled its creators into the UK Top 30 (number 25) and onto concert stages the world over – England’s You Me At Six return with Hold Me Down, their second full-length LP. Enjoy the free music.