The debut album, Misery Wizard, from the band Pilgrim is a massive slab of slow-burning, sludgy doom metal. This is true doom metal, not the hybrid bile that so many bands are passing off as doom these days. The monster riffs will bludgeon you senseless and shake you to the core, but you’ll keep coming back from more, willingly and repeatedly.

As is often the case with doom metal records the songs are quite long, with half topping out at over ten minutes in length. But the beauty of this record is that I never once found myself bored. The only real complaint I have is that I feel the vocals are a bit too buried for my tastes. Perhaps this was done to highlight the group’s musical muscle; I cannot say, but I would have liked them to be a bit more upfront.

If you’re a fan of real doom metal the likes of Black Sabbath, Trouble and YOB than this is an album you’re not going to want to miss; it delivers in a big big way.

Track Listing:

01. Astaroth
02. Misery Wizard
03. Quest
04. Masters Of the Sky
05. Adventurer
06. Forsaken Man

Run Time: 55:29
Release Date: February 14, 2012

Check out the song: “Astaroth”