Live In Baltimore is a CD/DVD that captures this semi-iconic band performing some of their greatest hits. Kix has not released a studio album in years and I think it’s a bit odd that after so long they’ve decided to release a live record instead of a new material, nevertheless Live In Baltimore is a decent release. The set list is pretty much what I would have expected and includes the extremely popular classic ’80s tunes “Blow My Fuse,” “Don’t Close Your Eyes,” and “Cold Blood.”

Over the last 20 years, Halifax has become known for a very particular coastal music scene, churning out explosions of slick, melodic indie-pop. Yet below the sheen of the limelight, Halifax has also been home to an underbelly of angular and aggressive music that has excelled on the fringes. Bands such as The Plan, North of America, and Equation Of State carved out the gritty niche for others like Contrived, Slight Return, Attack Mode, and Radarfame – paving the way for a new generation of musicians embedded in the history of start-stop rhythms, atypical time signatures, and dissonant guitar riffs.

Leaving behind a 2011 charged with drama and speculation, especially after his break-up with original bassist Terry Butler and drummer Greg Gall, the infamous Death Metal legend, horror enthusiast and vocalist Chris Barnes, brings Six Feet Under back from the depths of the underworld – now as a five piece – to conjure a blistering new album, strategically titled Undead.