misery wizard


The debut album, Misery Wizard, from the band Pilgrim is a massive slab of slow-burning, sludgy doom metal. This is true doom metal, not the hybrid bile that so many bands are passing off as doom these days. The monster riffs will bludgeon you senseless and shake you to the core, but you’ll keep coming back from more, willingly and repeatedly.

Rhode Island doom metal trio Pilgrim will be launching the title track from their debut album, ‘Misery Wizard’, today online. Fans can preview the 10 + minute doom epic HERE. Pilgrim are the latest addition to the Metal Blade roster via Alan Nemtheanga’s imprint, Poison Tongue Records. The doom trio consists of: Krolg Splinterfist, Slayer of Men on drums, Count Elric the Soothsayer on bass guitar and The Wizard on guitar and vocals.