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On May 30, Thrice’s “The Farewell Tour” stopped by Toronto where the band would play for the final time. I was lucky to catch this show; I’ve never seen Thrice live before and this would literally be my last chance. Unfortunately openers Animals as Leaders were unable to make the concert, leaving O’Brother to play a double set. This set back included, that night the Kool Haus venue seemed to be filled with a bittersweet atmosphere – entire room was filled with Thrice fans excited to watch one of their favorite bands live, the same fans who were sad this would be the last time the group graced the stage.

California Wives are pleased to announce today that they have officially joined the ever-growing Vagrant Records roster. “We were excited to sign to Vagrant because it gave us the opportunity to work with a great producer who pushed us to think outside of our tendencies as musicians. The newer instrumentation and arrangements were a result of that relationship in the studio. We are thrilled to be a part of such a terrific roster of musicians at Vagrant and we can’t wait to put the new music out there,” says vocalist and guitarist Jayson Kramer.

Every once in a while a band comes along that defies sonic boundaries, appeals to the masses and becomes not only an instant favourite for some, but also a guilty pleasure for others. Athens, Georgia locals and Vagrant Records recording artists Reptar are one of these such special musical acts. Sure you may be thinking this guy has no idea what he’s talking about, but if you set aside your preconceived notions of what should be “cool” or what is “lame” then you may find yourself face to face with something truly awesome.

On their sophomore full-length release the UK alt/indie act Band Of Skulls has virtually perfected their brand of infectiously catchy, melodic rock. Musically they have the feel of an indie band playing sludge rock, but layered over the fuzzy yet insanely groovy rhythm tracks are some of the smoothest, sweetest-sounding harmony vocal lines I’ve heard in a long time. The songs themselves run the gamut from the slower paced, (yet still overdriven) tune, “Lay My Head Down” to the super-catchy, mid-tempo, riff driven opener, “Sweet Sour.”

Active Child, the musical project of choirboy-turned-indie-pop musician Pat Grossi, is proud to release the new music video for the song “Playing House” featuring How To Dress Well which premieres HERE today. Isaac Ravishankara, who has previously done videos for Freelance Whales’ “Hannah” and Phantogram’s “When I’m Small,” directed the video. The entire video was shot in Grossi’s hometown of Los Angeles.

Thrice are one of those bands that really can’t put out a bad record. Each one of their releases has been ear pleasing and full of passion (to me personally at least). They’ve been a band who is 100% into taking chances and trying new things and since their release of Vheissu in 2005, the band has not only stepped out of the box, but have smashed the box and burned it’s remains.

Thrice, the legendary OC rock act, have recently announced a September 20th release date for their 7th studio album, Major/Minor, and subsequent tour dates. This will be their 4th album with Vagrant Records (depending on how you view the Alchemy Index releases). Major/Minor is now available for pre-order on the band’s website. Also available on the site is a lyric video of “Promises” (see below), the newest release off Major/Minor and a free download of “Yellow Belly,” released earlier this month.

City and Color’s much anticipated new album Little Hell is as fresh as clean sheets. The artist, while staying true to his style, has produced a cohesive and creative album. The songs are well written; they have delightfully depressing melodies which are brought to life by Dallas Green’s fantastic voice – which just sucks in you in.