Thrice are one of those bands that really can’t put out a bad record. Each one of their releases has been ear pleasing and full of passion (to me personally at least). They’ve been a band who is 100% into taking chances and trying new things and since their release of Vheissu in 2005, the band has not only stepped out of the box, but have smashed the box and burned it’s remains.

This said, Thrice just released a track off their upcoming album Major/Minor entitled “Yellow Belly”. This song is very alternative and quite 90’s sounding and the hook “you don’t care” is really catchy and predominant within the verses. Thrice’s true magic is that they’re now so versatile they don’t really have a sound; they can write country to hardcore and it’s all just, well, Thrice. As for this new tune, I can’t help but think “what if Incubus was more grunge?” and that’s how I feel about this song. All in all, it’s Thrice and they will forever sound like themselves. Yet again, a great, simple tune.

Run Time: 3:58
Release Date: September 20, 2011

Check out the song: “Yellow Belly”