I thought California had cornered the market on thrash with bands such as Testament, Death Angel, Exodus, Metallica and other greats. Then, I heard Canadian band Hero’s Last Rite’s album Inevitable Is The End. They have all the components of a great thrash metal band: speed, heaviness and tough vocals. With this combination Hero’s Last Rite released 11 tracts of crazy, thrash metal that will pummel any fan’s ear drums.

This said, one track that stands alone on Inevitable Is The End is “Gale Storm”. It’s a compilation of media clips announcing the tragic death of well-known thrash guitar icon Dimebag Darrell. May he rest in peace and may bands like Hero’s Last Rite keep thrashing for him! I respect these guys for their effort and hope they keep working to bring more thrash to Canada.

Track Listing:

01. I Dwell Within
02. Inevitable Is The End
03. Lead (Behind My Back)
04. Gale Storm
05. Hero’s Last Rite
06. Hopeless Genocide
07. Shame
08. No Regard
09. The Hell You’re In For
10. Why We Die
11. Bleed

Run Time: 45:14
Release Date: September 17, 2010

Check out the song: “Hero’s Last Rite”