heros last rite


Released on April 12, 2014, “The Mirror’s Face is the latest from the Fredericton, New Brunswick metal quintet, Hero’s Last Rite. Comprised of Tim Gorman (guitar), Mike Davidson (guitar), Steve McDonald (vocals), Dan Rogers (drums), and Paul Vidal (bass), Hero’s Last Rite has asserted themselves as a towering pillar in the New Brunswick metal community. Check out a stream of their newest full-length album!

I thought California had cornered the market on thrash with bands such as Testament, Death Angel, Exodus, Metallica and other greats. Then, I heard Canadian band Hero’s Last Rite’s album Inevitable Is The End. They have all the components of a great thrash metal band: speed, heaviness and tough vocals. With this combination Hero’s Last Rite released 11 tracts of crazy, thrash metal that will pummel any fan’s ear drums.

Wretched from the remnants of Obsidian Reign in 2008 and recast into Hero’s Last Rite, the band has quickly become a towering pillar in the New Brunswick metal community. Hero’s Last Rite takes rein of the classic thrash and death metal sound and instills their own voice into it. The new 11 song album Inevitable is the End was recorded at Dan Rogers’ Needlenose Studios, in Fredericton, N.B.