While it’s not the first song we’ve heard off Jane’s Addiction’s comeback album, “The Irresistible Force” is the official first single from the band’s forthcoming The Great Escape Artist. While “End to the Lies” turned up the guitars and aggression to eleven, “Irresistible Force” slows things down to a pace rather unfamiliar to Jane’s fans. It starts with a slow bass riff before transitioning into a very deep-voiced Perry Farrell and then breaking into more of a familiar sound for fans of the group. The song has a nice pace to it, a great beat and an amazing chorus that is fun to just hum in your head all day.

What’s different about “Irresistible Force” as compared to the band’s previous work is the progression in the band’s sound. It’s a very atmospheric kind of sound and there is less of an emphasis on Dave Navarro’s guitar playing. What’s awesome about the song is that each member of the band gets the opportunity to shine. There’s great vocals, cool bass riffs, a few terrific guitar sounds and solid backing from the drums. “Irresistible Force” offers enough newness and oldness to get any fan of Jane’s Addiction excited for the September 27th release of The Great Escape Artist.

Run Time: 3:56
Release Date: August 3, 2011

Check out the song: “Irresistible Force”