The Skinny: Volbeat, as I’m sure some of you will remember, is a bug-type Pokemon. The alternative usage of the name ‘Volbeat’ refers to a Danish rock band. Please assume that for the remainder of this article, we will be considering the latter definition.

Formed in 2001 Copenhagen, the band comprises guitarist and vocalist Michael Poulsen, guitarist Thomas Bredahl, bass player Anders Kjølholm, and drummer Jon Larsen. According to the eternally wise words of Wikipedia, the band’s name was inspired by an album titled ‘Vol. Beat’, which was released by Poulsen’s former band, Dominus.

So, what do they sound like? Well, in short – rock ‘n’ roll. If I wanted to be more pedantic (which, I’ll be honest, I do) they’re rockabilly, metal, alternative, groove metal, and a little bit punk-rock, with pop inspired melodies and song structure, with a James Hetfield style twang in Poulsen’s vocal.

Despite being hugely successful in Denmark, Volbeat are little known in the UK or North America and Canada, though having opened for Metallica on the North American leg of their World Magnetic Tour, are garnering more attention. They manage to create music that, despite not being totally original, is continually vibrant and enjoyable. Undeniable highlights of their back catalog include “The Garden’s Tale” and “Sad Man’s Tongue,” both of which can be found on their album Rock the Rebel/Metal the Devil.

Their latest album, Beyond Hell/Above Heaven is out now!

Genre(s): Metal, Rockabilly, Rock, Heavy Metal, Elvis Metal