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The Skinny: Since forming in 1997, Edge of Spirit have worked hard at everything including touring. From 1999 to 2001, they played 120 shows every year and their debut album Screaming For The Truth was released through Sony Music and to date has sold more than 16,500 copies. Dominating the scene of Japanese hardcore they also were among the first to originate metalcore music in the said region.

The group has to date also released three records (Screaming For The Truth, Kage To Hikari, and Rebirth) via 3 major labels and endured lineup changes. In 2004 the 5-piece outfit played alongside Arch Enemy for every date of their Japanese tour as well as another package in 2006 which included The Haunted, Nile and Exodus. Since 2004, the band has also toured Australia, Korea, Canada (which was self-booked) and the US. They have played more than 700 shows in their 14 years career and their newest self-titled album Edge Of Spirit was for the first time released via an independent label. The album was mastered by Alan Douches and it is a beast!  [ END ]

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