MySpace isn’t all that bad (well okay maybe it got to the point where I log in every 100 days), but, had I not signed up eons ago I would never have “met” Ryan Warrell. With oodles of hours spent on AIM chatting about music, future aspirations, families and everything under the sun, we created a long distance friendship (at best). As AIM lost it’s coolness, well actually I couldn’t keep my passwords straight, I signed off and bid AIM and my contacts adieu. Only to have reconnected here and there on MySpace.

Icarus the Owl is Ryan’s latest project and features additional members, Joey Rubenstien (guitar/vocals), Tanner Russell (guitar) and Brian Fowler (drums) with the later all hailing from Portland, Oregon. Not sure when or how Ryan (bass) joined the band, but I have to say it was a great destined encounter. It’s no secret that I love catchy the more indie/pop/punk/rock kind of music, and I have to say, I love everything this band has released thus far.

They have great musical chemistry, a bio solely quoting a Charles Bukowski (American poet, novelist, and short story writer) excerpt, and lyrics which are all so relatable. Their music is catchy, fun, fresh and something I hope I can get new music lovers everywhere turned onto. They might not have over-priced elaborate sets during their performances, but the music counts for so much more. Not only do they have talent on their side, but they are four guys doing what they love to do. Yeah we hear that all the time, but this time not only can you can feel it, you can actually hear it in the music. They are grateful for their followers, which is evident in how they keep them informed with their everyday lives. They also have their tab readily available, which isn’t something you see… actually you almost never see that.

Icarus The Owl are really working their asses off and as such have garnered a spot at the Hawthorne Theater where they are to play with a well known band called Cute is What We Aim For. They also have their own mini tour happening in July. Go check them out; i urge you! I guess 74,000+ MySpace “friends” can’t be wrong… go on have a listen.

Genres: Rock, Indie, Alternative, Pop Punk