What’s in a band name? Although it’s open to interpretation about how likable a band name is let’s be honest, there are some great ones and some downright silly ones. Even though they might not yet be known to huge amounts of hard and alternative rock fans, the band carrying the name Fake Reality would certainly fall under the great band name category. Fake Reality is a band consisting of four young guys from the Toronto, Ontario area who all grew up on a steady dose of alternative rock and metal music. And despite the fact that all the members of the group are still in their early twenties, these guys have been playing together, honing their skills as a band for now close to a full decade.

Although Fake Reality has existed as a band for quite some time now, things didn’t start to really get going for the band until around the turn of the century. The members, Mike, Justin, John and Nick, finally started to write full fledged songs and in turn began to home record some tracks. The band released a few home recorded singles and demos which resulted in some positive feedback for the four members. Soon Fake Reality was gaining fans one by one and after a lot of hard work, the guys set out to record their first proper EP. The self-titled EP was released in 2002 and received some very good reactions. The release of the EP combined with a lot of live shows resulted in not only an increase in their fan base, but also opening slots for bands such as Finger Eleven, American Hi-Fi and Econoline Crush.

Even though the group’s EP fared quite well for an independent release, it has been quite some time since fans of Fake Reality have been graced with some brand new music from the band. After some slight delays, the band is finally back for 2007 with a brand new eight song EP titled Figments. Staying consistent with the whole imagined reality theme, Figments is Fake Reality’s most complete and focused work to date. One of the most striking characteristics of the new EP is the musical maturity that the band members have gone through since their last EP.

The previous self-titled EP was recorded while the guys were still in their late teens. Now over four years later, it’s evident that the talent and musical cohesion of the group has risen to a whole new level as there is a noticeable maturity in the music and even the lyric writing. On Figments, Fake Reality enlisted the help of producer Flavio Monopoli who has worked with several Canadian indie artists, and they were also graced with the engineering expertise of Michael Landolt who has worked with such hit groups as Maroon 5 and the Spin Doctors. Thanks to both Landolt and Monopoli, Figments sounds crisper, cleaner and more professional than anything Fake Reality has ever produced.

Now with their new EP and the growth and maturity they have experienced as a band, Fake Reality is back and ready to take Canada by storm. The band is currently in the midst of planning for a hectic year of touring and promotion for Figments, playing whenever and wherever they can, or are allowed to. If you’re looking for some fresh and exciting Canadian new rock then be sure to check out Figments and Fake Reality.  [ END ]