Strap on your armour, grab your helmet, sharpen your sword, shine your boots because we’re going to war today with “Rise Forth,” the brand new single from Siren’s Rain! The fight song is the title track to the band’s debut full-length album, which is set for release on October 8th.

This first single hints at what you can expect from the record, a combination of heavy, distorted guitars and decorated harmonies. Folk metal at its finest, the instrumentation is precise and composed, with a vintage ’80s sound and aggression to it. It’s quite an introduction for a band that has been working towards the goal of releasing their full-length debut now since their inception seven long years ago. Rise Forth is the follow-up to 2019’s Nightmares From the Abyss and Beneath the Narrors, originally released in 2016, and then re-released two years later.

In discussing the song, the band said, “‘Rise Forth’ is the title track from the first full-length album from Siren’s Rain. A battle song, ‘Rise Forth’ has a Viking metal feel to it, complimented by group frame drums, reminiscent of the ominous drums of war parties. Rich Hurst, vocalist of Jesus Wears Armani and armoured combat fighter, lends his voiceover talents to the track. The unrelenting ending of the song was written to encourage maximum audience participation in the pit.”

One of the true standout elements of not only Rise Forth as an album and the band themselves is their embracing of unconventional instruments within their music. Along with the crushing guitars and aggressive drums and vocals, the members aren’t afraid to incorporate atypical elements to their sound, such as the harp and the mandolin, and for the first time, the nyckelharpa, a traditional Swedish string instrument. This embracing of traditional sounds and styles is really what sets Siren’s Rain apart from more conventional, modern-sounding folk metal acts. Heavier, more fast-paced, and intense than their EP releases, Rise Forth explores themes of abandonment, betrayal, despair, hope, and resilience.

There’s a lot of growth to be heard on this release, aggressive but not so much it’s overwhelming, and atmospheric, with each song complementing the thematic structure of the work as a whole.

Artwork for ‘Rise Forth’ by Siren’s Rain