Max Embers, one of LA’s rising singer-songwriters, released his third single off his upcoming idyllwild EP, “mccartney” on July 2. Just as the rest of his EP, Embers wrote “mccartney” while on a secluded getaway in Idyllwild, California. The solitude and serenity of the retreat continuously brought up existential questions in Embers’ mind. “The magic of that place really permeated through the music I was creating at the time,” says Embers. “I felt like I was learning truths about myself and my life every day, with every word I was writing.”

Questions about the connection between humans, the meaning of life, and Embers’ personal journeys pushed him to enlighten his sense of self-awareness. That growth allowed the artist to learn and adapt the healthiest behaviours and mindsets for himself, which resulted in lyrics with powerful roots. While on the retreat, he says he “unlocked a new level of confidence in the fact that it really is okay to just go with the flow, to listen to your heart and do what feels best for you.”

“mccartney” is themed around water and its ability to flow through the largest openings or tiniest creases. That characteristic translated into Embers’ own way of being – moving beyond his people-pleasing traits and welcoming in the strength to let life flow as it is intended to. The single is, in a way, a celebration of his growth. “Go up when I’m up, fall down when I’m down, never tried, was scared to see how wild it is when I just let it be,” Embers sweetly sings alongside a calming guitar. He emphasizes that the core of “mccartney”’ is the essential need to just be – exist next to life’s highs and lows, and continue cruising on his own path.

Honouring one of music’s great legends, Paul McCartney, Embers tributes him with the urge to “let it be” in the lyrics as he realizes McCartney had it right so many years ago. “I have been quite influenced by older classics like this one, and it felt right to acknowledge that some of the greatest writers of all time have pondered the same questions as me,” says Embers. This ideology came to the writer with a solid, profound feeling of confidence in its power to change his life forever. The flowering of insight comes to life in “mccartney” and serves as a reminder to Embers and listeners alike to melt into the curves of life and simply enjoy the ride.

Cover art for “mccartney” by Max Embers