We can promise you one thing today; there isn’t much, or maybe anything, out there that sounds anything like GEA. You can see what we mean with her latest single “Your Hand in Mine,” from her soon-to-come album Call For A Snake. The song is a perfect slice of the dream-pop that the singer and songwriter has been serving up since the release of her 2017 debut, Butterflies.

Both angelic and highly spiritual, “Your Hand in Mine” is almost hymnlike, with a purity and innocence that’s representative of the general tone of her new recording. The song is a message to those who have passed on, an ode of sorts that they may be gone, but they certainly haven’t been forgotten, and we still cling to their presence and the influence they had on us. It couldn’t come at a more appropriate time than now, as we mark the one-year anniversary since the pandemic began and has since claimed far too many loved ones.

Explaining the inspiration behind “Your Hand in Mine,” GEA explained, “I was driving my friend to a train station and she turned to me and said, ‘Your music is not only important to us who are here, but also to the ones who are no longer.’ I started to think about what the deceased wanted to communicate through me and I was gifted with the chorus for this song. I understood that we are never alone and our loved ones never fully leave us. They are always there for us, holding our hands through good and bad moments. With this song, I wish to communicate this soothing message for all the people feeling lonely or missing someone.”

Hailing from Finland, GEA is not your average songwriter. Typically, she writes music through channelling, which can be likened to almost a divine process. She has been writing songs since childhood, tooling around on the piano until she was able to come up with something coherent to call her own. She followed up the release of Butterflies with her Snow EP in 2019 and toured across three continents with the artist Snow. During this time, she met Grammy and Juno award-winning producer Chris Birkett (Sinead O’Connor, Buffy Sainte-Marie) who agreed to produce Call For A Snake. Divided into four parts, each section of the album is dedicated to a different phase of our spiritual awakening, which are symbolized by four different spirit animals, a snake, a swan, a crow, and a snow bunting.

With this record, her message is simple: all of the wisdom you’ll ever need already lays inside of you. We just have to realize that it’s up to all of us to tap into this part of ourselves and realize our full potential as individuals.

Artwork for “Your Hand in Mine” by GEA