There isn’t much left to do in this quarantine that you haven’t already beaten to death (binge-watching Netflix, catching up on your sleep, staring at the wall), so how about we check out some Quarantunes? Pop punkers Cold Weather Kids are here with their sophomore EP, three heavily melodic tracks that will offer you a hit of positivity as you transition into what will hopefully be a more satisfying and fulfilling year.

Now based in Los Angeles, the Kids come from three states notorious for their brutally cold winters, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Colorado. Adam Allison and Ryan Scottie met while attending the same Chicago college before they encountered Erik Williams when Allison was working at Revolution 9 Recording Studios in LA. Cold Weather Kids’ sound is defined by vibrant, hook-heavy pop-punk that’s reminiscent of where the genre was in the first decade of the 2000s. Quarantunes serves as the follow-up to the band’s debut EP Songs We Can’t Finish, released last year.

To learn more about the writing and the background behind the three songs that make up Quarantunes, we spoke with Cold Weather Kids for a track-by-track rundown of their brand new EP.

1. “Keep Me Warm”

“This fast, hard-hitting, energetic wall of sound opens the ep with a sense of urgency! Set in a carnival, this song takes the listener through a nerve-racking first date experience of trying to overcome the anxiety of messing it up and instead, showcase confidence and intrigue.”

2. “You’re My Player 2”

“If you grew up a ‘90s kid you most likely remember playing side scroller video games and perhaps you encountered a boss you just couldn’t beat so you had your older sibling or friend who was great at it beat it for you. This song is dedicated to those who helped us beat that boss.”

3. “Nothing New, But It’s Meant for You”

“After recently becoming a father, Ryan wrote this song for his daughter. During the ever-challenging year of 2020, this song is intended to help us focus on building a positive future rather than fearing what’s coming next.”

Artwork for ‘Quarantunes’ by Cold Weather Kids