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Behind the Video: Crumbsnatchers’ Samuel “Guetts” Guetterman on the Band’s “Satin Glow” Music Video



Lurking around, waiting for their piece of the action, Crumbsnatchers are delivering smooth summer vibes with their latest single, “Satin Glow.” With its feel-good vibe and sunny disposition, the catchy indie rocker is an ideal way of gathering some good vibes as we embark on a new year. The song is the band’s first new music to come since the release of their 2017 debut record, Big House. Fear not though, there is another single on the way soon and the band members are currently in the midst of recording the follow-up to Big House.

Originating in Knoxville, Tennessee, Crumbsnatchers have now set up shop in the music capital of America, Nashville, where they have gained more exposure as a band on the rise. A lot has changed since the release of Big House; the group went through a lineup change, frontman SamuelGuettsGuetterman moved and then moved back, and their former drummer Rylan Bledsoe tragically passed away. Clinging to a lot of hope and resolve, Crumbsnatchers have persevered and are here to stay.

Funny, inventive, and just a little bit strange, the music video for “Satin Glow” delivers on all fronts. We recently spoke with Samuel “Guetts” Guetterman about the music video as well as music videos in general and how they fit into today’s music industry.

Any mishaps on set?


Samuel “Guetts” Guetterman: “There’s only one that I can think of. When we were riding the couch in the park and setting off fireworks, my buddy Mason lit one of the big mortar bombs and he tripped as he was trying to get away and the firework exploded right next to him. It was pretty funny when it happened.”

Any concepts where you started and, midway through, thought what “The fuck are we doing?”

“Sure, I’ve felt that way before! Not when I was working on the ‘Satin Glow’ video though! I was far too busy being creative and having fun with my friends to get inside my own head like that.”

If money was no issue what would be in your perfect video?

“I would have thousands of synchronized swimmers perfectly choreographed.”


If you could have any guest appear in your video who would you have?

“I’m kind of hesitant to say, but it’s hands down Tommy Wiseau.”

Behind the Video: Crumbsnatchers’ Samuel “Guetts” Guetterman on the Band’s “Satin Glow” Music Video

Do you prefer writing a video around the theme of a song or just going in a warehouse and banging out a live performance?

“I mean the warehouse live performance thing is cool but it’s a different thing altogether. I like being able to add imagery outside of some people playing their instruments. Either can be really cool.”

How does the music inform the video in terms of visuals matching sound?


“The song is the thing that came first. The video provides a visual representation of feelings and themes that the song brings to me. To me, the song had big ‘end of summer vibes,’ ‘refurbished passion,’ and ‘bittersweet’ feelings. I tried to represent those feeling with objects and clothes and things to look at in the video.”

Have you ever had such a baller idea for a music video that you’ve written music for it?

“It’s never happened for me that way but I’m open to the inspiration process.”

What is your favourite childhood music video and have you any secret nods to it in your catalogue?


“No secret nods to old music videos that I can remember but I there is going to be a subtle nod to a David Bowie album cover in my next music video.”

How important are music videos in terms of increased exposure?

“I don’t have the stats on that! I just wanted to make something that would bring joy into this world.”

How important of a role does social media play for sharing videos and increasing exposure?

“These days it plays a big role! although I think it would also be cool to be a small band 30 years ago and carry around a VHS of your band’s video so that you could show your friends.”


Artwork for ‘Satin Glow’ by Crumbsnatchers

Do you think that YouTube (or ‘online-only’ platforms) is a good enough platform by itself to justify creating a music video?

“Why would I have to justify creating a music video? I created this music video because the resistance I feel against doing anything at all is so strong that I know it must be evil. I resist the urge to do nothing and I do the thing I’m meant to do.”

Is a well-made DIY video just as good or beneficial as a professionally-made/directed video?

“Absolutely! if it’s real and it’s good then it’s good!”

If you worked with a crew to make this latest video, who did it include and how did you put together the team?

Casey Pierce (who is amazing at what he does!) directed the video and then I just asked some of my friends to come help/take pictures and be in it.”


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