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Bad Looks – “Algorithms & Blues” [Free Song Download]

LA punk rockers Bad Looks are offering their caustic, ferocious track “Algorithms & Blues” – off of the release EP II – as a free mp3 download, so put on some protective equipment and launch into the track.



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Formed in L.A. in 2017, Bad Looks are a caustic, explosive trio whose newest release, EP II, is a four-track master class in greasy punk rock and metalcore fun. Recorded at LA’s Palmquist Studios, the EP focuses on themes of “post-modern existential dread and social media’s influence on culture.” To help you enjoy some of the album’s sunny disposition, the band are offering the EP’s second track, “Algorithms & Blues,” as a free mp3 download. Now there’s absolutely no excuse not to experience the ferocious energy and groovy riffage of Bad Looks.

On the rocking “Algorithms & Blues,” Bad Looks vocalist/guitarist Alex Pulisci says, “This is the last song we wrote for the EP, literally only a handful of practices before recording. We had axed another song last minute, but wanted to try to have four, so we just jammed some spare riffs together and they ended up working perfectly together (well, to us anyway). This was a franken-riff of a song that ended up becoming my favorite track on the EP. Lyrically, this was a lot of fun to piece together as well. Very proud of what we came out with.”

The tune itself is a tightly menacing track, lunging between melodic choruses and filthy, distorted verses without ever misstepping. Socal punk has rarely sounded this good. Well, I mean, I guess it’s always sounded pretty good. But, Bad Looks throw a nasty Southern bite over the punk undertones, and the end result is extremely satisfying.

Now that you’re vibing with this song, check out the full album:

EP II released November 15, 2019.