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THE REVEL Give You a Thick Slice of Jersey with Their New “Don’t Let Me Go” Video [Premiere]

A product of the mean streets of New Jersey, The Revel have debuted their brand new music video titled “Don’t Let Me Go,” the title track to the Jimmy Gnecco-produced new record.



A product of the mean streets of New Jersey, The Revel have a brand new music video titled “Don’t Let Me Go.” This is the title track to the duo’s new EP, one that is directly influenced by their upbringing in the state they call home. Over the last few decades, New Jersey has become well-known for producing some of the best in rock n’ roll and it seems we’ve been handed another gem with these inventive young brothers. “Don’t Let Me Go” acts as the single and title track of the guys’ recently-released new five-track EP which you can stream now via Spotify.

Dillon and Dean D’Antuono both have rock n’ roll running through their veins. That’s what music has meant to them since a young age as they were exposed to the best of rock n’ roll, from both their home state and the rest of the world, from before they were born to after. It’s not like they’re just rocking out to the classics all day though, as the brothers also take inspiration from more modern musical influences. Both Dillon and Dean have played electric guitar from a young age which helped get them interested in creating their own music. Not only did the sound of Jersey rock rub off on them, but also the approach taken by the artists who came before them. They maintain a workmanlike ethic, common of musicians from their area with an approach that essentially follows the old tried, tested, and true formula for the genre; play live as much as you can, be relentless in learning your craft, and play it loud.

Speaking of the song, Dillon comments, “‘Don’t Let Me Go’ dives into the sexual relationships and the emotions that go with it, getting caught in the moment of it all, not wanting to let it go. The video itself captures the energy, vibe, and emotion the song is portraying.”

Experience the emotion and experience the melody of The Revel’s new video for “Don’t Let Me Go:”

This formula has reaped massive results for the D’Antuono bros. Their commanding live performances have not gone unnoticed by the rock n’ roll community, as they have earned opening slots for musical greats such as one of New Jersey’s greatest products, Bon Jovi, Buckcherry, Blue Oyster Cult and Jimmy Gnecco/OURS. They instantly formed a close bond with Gnecco, to the point that he has acted as their mentor, and helped produce and co-write some of the songs which you hear on Don’t Let Me Go. To have Gnecco in your corner illustrates that it’s quite unlikely that The Revel is going to be the next flash in the pan to come, and quickly go. With the accolades piling up and the hype only rising, it seems that before long, The Revel will soon be joining the ranks of the best of what the New Jersey rock n’ roll scene has to offer.

Don’t Let Me Go Track Listing:

01. Don’t Let Me Go
02. On and On
03. Stuck on You
04. Everything Anything
05. Feel Alright

Upcoming Tour Dates:

Dec 17 – Jergel’s Rhythm Grille, PA
Dec 19 – The Paramount, NY
Dec 20 – The Wellmont, NJ
Dec 21 – Penn’s Peak, PA
Dec 22 – Beacon Theatre, VA

That’s a heavy assed riff. Check out the music video for The Revel’s “Come Alive:”

Check out the passionate artwork for Don’t Let Me Go:

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