Coulrophobia. The word Coulrophobia means a persistent and irrational fear of clowns. That being said, here at PureGrainAudio we can’t get enough of clown-masked theatrical metallers The Injester, so we spoke to the band about some of the more well known clowns to see how they faired in the creepiness factor.

If you do suffer from a phobia of masked ones, you might want to skip The Injester’s video for “Apophenia”:

01. Pennywise
Ashe: Would fan-boy but he has questionable choices in living accommodation. Drains.

Morax: Certainly a prolific member of the clown horde who has made some delightful bridges into your culture.

Skinface: Copacious unders, gingivitis?

Creepiness Level:: 3 (out of 5)

Here’s Pennywise at his creepy best in I.T.:

02. Krusty The Clown
Ashe: Old school veteran with a cool head to be looked up too. The carnival equivalent of Dear Deirdre – always there when you need him!

Morax: He certainly offers a window into the world of the backstage clown, but through some very saccharine soaked glasses.

Skinface: Consistent but predictable

Creepiness Level: 1.5

03. Clown from Slipknot
Ashe: Thank you!

Morax: He contains a brutality and fire that can only be ignited by embracing the clown within. Definitely to be respected as a free clown.

Skinface: Husky and furious!

Creepiness Level:: 3.5

Here’s Clown losing his shit in the new Slipknot video “Nero Forte”:

04. The Joker
Ashe: Would shank Ronald with a smile. He does get all the Harleys though and this irks me.

Morax: I like his style, always one to play to his audience. A delectable mania and deep seated humour that would be more than welcome in today’s climates. Be more like The Joker

Skinface: Always nice and chipper.

Creepiness Level:: 5

Here’s the trailer to one of the hit movies of 2019, The Joker:

05.Ronald McDonald
Ashe: I had a childhood birthday party with him at one of his dodgy plastic laden dungeons. I believe I’ve blacked out the significant parts.

Morax: The bastard face of clowns and certainly with more of a real air of peril than the aforementioned. A product of a money machine, selling disease and discomfort to the world. Unimaginative mascot of misery. Also a much hated oppressor to Hamburlger and the other one! Grind him down feed him to the cows.

Skinface: Highest kill count, face like a nightmarish Mick Hucknall. No ice

Creepiness Level:: 4

If you aren’t all “clowned out” after reading through that lot, here’s more of The Injester with their new lyric video for “Knifeblower”. Expect lots of theatrical madness from the band in 2020.


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