Born in Derby, England in 2015, UK crossover quintet, Infirm Of Purpose, are set to make their return with a new single on November 22, 2019 in the form of “Life Leads To Death”.

Mixes the crunching heaviness of modern metalcore with thumping beats of contemporary hip-hop all topped off with a love of synths, their sound has been likened to genre-smashers like Scxrlxrd and Enter Shikari and, with a much talked about live show that has seen them perform with a raft of bands including Outline in Color, Our Hollow, Our Home, InVisions, Redeem, Revive, MC Devvo, Cabin Boy Jumped Ship, TheCityIsOurs, Scream Blue Murder and many more since making their live debut in 2017, the band are ready and primed to head into 2020.

Given that life certainly does lead to death, make sure you check out Infirm of Purpose’s new video before it’s too late:

Speaking of the new release, Josh Blackshaw (Vocalist) comments: “”Life Leads To Death” is a metalcore/trap Music hybrid. Inspired by artists such as Scarlxrd, SuicideBoys and Ghostemane, this tune brings the trap sound to the metalcore world, mixing 808s and synths with guitars and live drums. Writing, recording, mixing and mastering was done by us, down to the last detail.”

The band recently received critical acclaim for their reworking of Dave‘s “Funky Friday”:

Infirm of Purpose release “Life Leads To Death” on November 22, 2019 and you can pick up your copy from here.

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