Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’s Hearken are one dope duo you should hastily add to your #rockradar. Comprised of guitarist and vocalist Donny Donovan and drummer and vocalist Greg Brunner, the pair peddle a sort of indie grunge that meshes parts of punk, new wave sludge and the already-mentioned grunge/indie rock combo into their on furious concoction that has their local underground scene totally abuzz. Today, following the recently-released single “Fix Me,” we’re stoked to drop the band’s newest track, “Bloom.”

Donny and Gregg came out of the gate swinging and were already opening for acts the likes of The Screaming Females, Camp Cope, Potty Mouth, Dream Wife and The Coathangers early on in their career. Since then, it’s been somewhat of a whirlwind as the duo drove towards present day. With their first proper tour quickly coming to fruition, plus their debut album dropping on June 27th (streaming) and June 28th (physical), things continue to bode well for Hearken.

Time to check out the new single “Bloom” and begin agreeing that this band is blooming good.

Aligning with the above-mentioned self-released album’s physical release, the band rock a show at Mr. Small Theatre — keep an eye peeled to www.hearkenx.com for more info. Oh, and as for the recording, it’s titled Help Me, I’m Alive and was recorded and mixed at Thunderbird House by Alex Herd, with mastering courtesy of Alex Santiilli at Spice House Sound. It was 2017 when Donny started penning tunes that would become the band’s debut, songs which were born out of the need to “express the need and awareness of self individuality.”

Elaborating on the new single, Donny notes: “‘Bloom’ is a song about the love of attention. Do our relationships actually have meaning? Are we swimming in a world where people just use each other for cheap attention instead of the real, honest attention we truly desire from others or maybe even ourselves? This is the concept behind negative social media practices and the need for approval. We so badly want to to be heard, noticed, and appreciated by strangers, but so often that leaves us feeling nothing but emptiness. In this day and age, commitment is fleeting and we so easily give up on relationships that challenge us. At the same time, we hold on to the toxic ones for acceptance or something just to complain about. What is love anymore? Do we even enjoy what we show the world, all the while bragging about our relationships that mean nothing? No one is going to rescue you from your need for appreciation. That has to come from within. Do we genuinely love ourselves and the people around us? Love is changing.”

Hearken aim to surprise a ton of unsuspecting music heads with their single, and video for, “Sure Shock.”

Help Me, I’m Alive Track Listing:

01. Wake up
02. Drugs
03. Fix Me
04. Sure Shock
05. Butterfly
06. Tired
07. Forgive
08. I Don’t Owe You
09. Bloom
10. Last Time

Tour Dates:

06/28 – Pittsburgh, PA – Album Release Show
06/29 – Columbus, OH
06/30 – Cleveland, OH
07/01 – Erie, MI
07/02 – Buffalo, NY
07/03 – New York, NY
07/04 – Philadelphia, PA
07/05 – Baltimore, MD
07/06 – Charlottesville, NC

Cover artwork for the “Bloom” single by Riley Stenhöus:


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