Musicians around the world have gone through a number of phases of online promotion. MySpace profiles gave way to Facebook and Instagram pages, Bandcamp, and a host of other platforms. But the problem with these kinds of platforms is that they’re one-size-fits-all. And one of the most important lessons the internet has taught us is that those that have something unique to offer are a lot more successful.

This is a particularly important lesson for musicians to learn, as we face a greater challenge than ever before. While it is now pretty easy to showcase our music on Apple Music and Spotify, it is as easy for everyone else. There is an endless amount of new music to listen to, and even if you’re really good, you might fly under the radar.

The truth is that this is something all creative people used to be very aware of. Not so long ago, musicians knew their route to success was paved with jobs that weren’t exactly what they had dreamed of. Sessions in a corner of an empty casino, writing jingles for marketing campaigns, and other stuff that, at the very least, paid. It is only now, in a world of instant gratification, that we expect success from the get-go. As Corey Taylor likes to point out, the people who go on glorified talent shows don’t “just want to make music.” They can do that if they are passionate about it. What they want is fame without the vicissitudes of fortune.

In any case, musicians these days shouldn’t be doing the same jobs as our predecessors did. There are different, more effective ways to cultivate success. To do so, you will need to start by creating a website. Check out user rated WordPress hosting as an option to get your site off the ground. These hosting plans can be everything you need them to be, giving you a reliable platform to showcase yourself and what you can offer.

What Can You Offer?

Your music may be great, but that’s no longer good enough. There is a lot of brilliant music out there for people to discover. But there is something else you can offer that is valuable. As a musician, you have multiple skills. You can play one or more instruments, you can sing, you can write songs, and so on. And you can teach this. Creating a website that both showcases you as a musician, while also offering some other value proposition, will get you much further than sponsoring Facebook and Instagram posts or asking your friends to plug you.

For example, create a website on which you show the process behind creating some of your songs, with lessons as to how to harness these songwriting skills. Or create songs based on user suggestions, that you won’t necessarily include on an album, but will help you build a community. There are countless examples of musicians doing this sort of thing. They may see their music as their primary passion, but know that by offering something more, they can fund and promote their own progress.

Get started with a website today, and start offering your listeners the value inherent in your talent.


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