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Reconciler Release Upcoming Album Title Track ‘Art For Our Sake’




Reconciler is preparing to deliver true punk hits on their upcoming album Art For Our Sake and the band is sharing a sneak peek with their latest single. The full album is set to release on February 2 via Smartpunk Records. The title track is available to stream now.

Vocalist Joseph Lazzari shared more insight into the significance of the new single:

“The title of this song is a twist on the French philosophy, L’art Pour L’art (Art for Art’s Sake), which argued that art shouldn’t need to have meaning, purpose, or conveyance of any emotional, moral, or political information to have value. I prefer to believe that art is a dialogue between the artist and the viewer/listener/experiencer. Art is pure soul and its made from blood sweat and tears, that’s why its valuable and necessary.

I wrote Art For Our Sake partly as a manifesto and I think its an accurate reflection of what we strive for in this band. We get to make music as art over commodity. We do it to enrich our lives and feed our souls and to hopefully benefit those around us while we’re at it. As with most any hard-lined stance, hypocrisy inevitably surfaces though. As a working artist, I have to make honest work that comes from the right place within, but I also have to assign monetary value to that work and my survival depends on it. It’s easy for money to speak louder than my heart. This song is about working to grow creatively and spiritually, but recognizing that life is messy and complicated, rarely clean and easy. We have to feed our souls to live well, but we have to put food on the table to stay alive – and sometimes that means you have to sharpen your teeth.”

Reconciler ‘Art For Our Sake’ Album Cover