Christchurch, New Zealand four-piece pop/rock band Ashei share a passion for honest songwriting and a thumping live show all of which caters to rock fans looking for something fresh. With influences ranging from pop to jazz, Liam Muir, Emma Cameron, and Dan Perry each bring a unique musical approach to the group and their sound.

Sitting down with Durham based Absence of Fear was the most refreshing conversation I’d had with a band in a while. Expecting a typical metal consensus from their interview, they surprised me by displaying a widely diverse viewpoint on music. There’s a great dynamic within their songs, the range and transition between the breakdowns and shreds are seemingly effortless, yet hold strength. Talking to these guys (and girl!) was entertaining to say the least.

For a popular major label rock and roll band, Crossfade has certainly seen the highs and lows that the music industry has to offer. The industry can be great to some and terrible to others. It’s both rewarding and cruel at the very same time, depending on who you are or what the latest trend is. Crossfade has seen both sides over the last few years, beginning with the huge success of its debut self-titled record in 2004.

Drive A is an up and coming punk rock/hardcore band from Los Angeles, California. They released their debut record, Loss of Desire, in 2009 and are re ready to follow it up with their sophomore record, The World in Shambles, this April. The band has been busy on the road since the start of the New Year, touring throughout February and March. Recently we spoke to Drive A’s lead guitarist Jason Nott about the band and what we can expect from them in the future.