Montreal producer extraordinaire Ryan Playground is a multi-talented young woman with a lot going on. Her debut electronic album 16/17 is due out on September 28th via Ryan Hemsworth’s Secret Songs/Last Gang Records label. Aside from music, Ryan is also a skater, DJ, designer on her own Terrain de Jeux clothing line as well as modeling for Vera Wang, Miyake, Aldo and Joe Fresh. On 16/17, she harkens back to the days when she was a young girl growing up in the suburbs of Montreal, listening to pop punk utilizing an elegant balance of electronic and organic elements. For this segment of our Women of Rock series, Ryan offers her top five female artists that make her want to have a good time and maybe break a few things at the same time!

The album 16/17 is due out on September 28, 2018.

01. Gazelle Twin (Brighton, England)
Genres: Industrial Pop
Links: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Gazelle Twin is the project of a girl named Elizabeth Bernholz. There’s something very aggressive that hits me every time I listen to some of her music. “Belly Of The Beast” is the first song I discovered from her. There’s something very efficient in the minimalism of this track. She’s able to dose perfectly simple bass lines and heavy percussions building into a very tense atmosphere.

Give a ride of your “Hobby Horse” with Gazelle Twin’s latest video.

02. Charlotte de Witte (Belgium)
Genres: Electronic, DJ
Links: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Charlotte is one of my favourite techno artists. It’s funny because people don’t usually expect me to like techno music but I love it. Her music is made very meticulously. It sounds very precise and controlled to me. At the same time, I feel like it makes you want to lose control… which I really appreciate.

“Remember” to listen to this stream of Charlotte’s newest track.

03. Smerz
Genres: Electronic
Links: Facebook, Instagram

– The first song I heard from Smerz is “Oh My My.” Again, there is something in the contrast of simple, soft melodies and the aggressive percussions that always gets me. I also love the casualty of their visuals.

“Have Fun” watching this latest Smerz music video.

04. Tirzah
Genres: Electronic, Hip Hop
Links: Facebook, Instagram

Tirzah definitely doesn’t make me feel like breaking things with her most recent project (which I love). But I discovered her through this song called “What’s the Use” and it’s quite intense. I must say, though, that on her new project Devotion, I looove “Affection.” I often have it stuck in my head and it never bothers me.

Tirzah and Coby Sey show some serious “Devotion” with this latest music video.

05. Avril Lavigne (Napanee, ON)
Genres: Pop, Singer-Songwriter
Links: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

– Can’t help it… I don’t know why but there’s something in “Together” from Under My Skin that makes me feel things. I love to listen to this song on a long car ride and sing/scream over it… oops.

Keep your “Head Above Water,” with this brand new lyric video.

Check out Ryan’s latest video for “Tokyo.”