Anthems in Ashes have gotten sassy with their brand new, soulful single “Her Fire”; and we are happy to bring you the exclusive premiere of the song’s music video! The rack can be found on last year’s Burn It Down EP, which you can purchase right here. The tune is fun and energetic, filled with catchy melodies and lyrics that features a true distorted rock sound blended with a diverse range of vocals, encompassing styles such as metal, punk and hints of soul music.

Commenting on the song and why it’s her favorite to play live, lead singer Harley Oliva said, “We chose ‘Her Fire’ as a single because it demonstrates both our catchy groove and our heavier sounding elements, particularly with the vocals. I like the dichotomy of the soft, pretty sounding vocals descending into guttural monster screams. It’s a great balance of pretty and ugly.”

Anthems In Ashes was brought together through the members’ mutual love of music that’s both heavy and energetic. You could refer to them as a hard rock group with clear metal and punk influences. The guitars feature crushing riffs and powerful grooves which are complemented by Harley’s aggressive, beautiful vocals. In barely two years, the Toronto group has competed in IndieWeek Canada and they also won the Jack Daniels Supporting Act Competition. Their debut EP was produced with Juno Award-winning producer Siegfried Meier at Beach Road Studios.