Florida rockers Sleeping With Sirens stopped at the Danforth Music Hall in Toronto on their “Gossip World Tour,” along with opening act Set It Off who also hail from Florida. Set It Off were already on stage and into their third song as I arrived at the venue. At first, I wondered if I had accidentally wandered into the wrong venue as the band were doing a cover of the Backstreet Boys. Judging by the shrieking young girls that were the majority of the crowd, they loved it!

I think we’ve stumbled across a new music genre, I would describe it as “Bubblegum Metal”. Set It Off had quite the stage presence, and had everyone bouncing around. Fittingly, they really did “Set It Off” for the evening.

Headliners Sleeping With Sirens seemed to start their set off with a minor technical glitch. The vocals were missing through part of the first song, but the powerhouse guitarists made it almost seamless. The audience didn’t seem to mind either, they were bouncing around, partying and having a grand old time. Just as a Friday night should be spent… listening to heavy rock in the city!

Sleeping With Sirens’ Setlist:

01. Feel
02. Low
03. Go Go Go
04. Better Off Dead
05. Empire To Ashes
06. Hole In My Heart
07. One-Man Army
08. 2 Chord
09. Gossip
10. The Strays
11. Trouble
12. Fly
13. Legends
14. If I’m James Dean , You’re Audrey Hepburn
15. If You Can’t Hang
16. Kick Me