Toronto alternative surf punks Knifey keep the summer vibe going some more with the release of their new track “Summer Girls” from their debut LP Beached. The song is something of a cry for the rawkus beach parties to never end, but it’s also something of a wistful look back at what could have been. Whatever the case, blast this one out as you realize your summer is quickly coming to an end.

Lead singer Max Trinz commented, “From frantic highs to ardent lows, ‘Summer Girls’ is a song about romance and passion in the deep summer. It’s about the fast kind of love you can blink and miss while speeding down lazy summer roads. Reflective, patient hooks rise above relentless percussion and blistering guitars. Like all Toronto summers, the song is short and precious, and, like the coming fall, quickly slows into a dreamy, reflective outro that yearns for things not appreciated in their time.”