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To celebrate the release of their new EP, Glacier, Danish epic-rock band Isbjörg are giving away the title track as a free download, right here! The four-track Glacier was released on May 8, 2017, and you can grab your own copy via Bandcamp.

Isbjörg drummer and producer Frederik Ølund Uglebjerg hit us up and commented on the single as follows: “‘Glacier’ is the title track off our new EP and showcases all that defines Isbjörg; Big, epic choruses, groovy guitar riffs, quirky and catchy vocal lines and of course the distinct use of the grand piano, which is the main ingredient in the Isbjörg sound. On the EP this track is preceded by the EP opener ‘Cross’ which acts as an intro to ‘Glacier.’ Together these two tracks tell a story of a meeting between two souls, a meeting that heals the loneliness and emptiness of both parts for a short while. It is a grand declaration of love and a promise to follow each other for as long as possible in one lifetime but also a recognition of the fact that everything, even life and love, comes with a price.”

Glacier Track Listing:

01. Cross 01:57
02. Glacier 07:14
03. Collective Egoism 03:35
04. Marooned 08:22


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