epic rock


I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting much from Corsair. While the band’s bio stated the usual positive things such as “innovative and tuneful” and “captured the attention of critics from around the world”, the thing that caught my eye was that the group was born out of a Black Sabbath tribute band. As a result, I figured I was going to be getting a third-rate Sabbath bar band and turned on their self-titled album with little hope.

Corsair, who hail from Charlottesville, VA, are a band that you will probably be hearing a lot about in the coming years. The group recently signed with Shadow Kingdom Records and had their self-titled debut unleashed upon the masses in January. The band’s laid back blend of Thin Lizzy, Maiden, and Sabbath is infectious and refreshing, appealing to both old-school and new metalheads alike. After hearing the record I had to find out more about the band, and they graciously agreed to answer my questions.