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Vampire – “With Primeval Force” [Album Review]

Want to know if a band can pull off a classic feel and sound, while feeling totally current or new at the same time? Then let me tell you about Sweden’s Vampire and their latest in ‘With Primeval Force’.



Kick friggin’ ass death metal; I swear this band has the sound so down that they sound as if they got whisked straight from the mid-late eighties era. You can just tell how hungry they are when you feel the energy wafting from the speakers with every riff. When I hear other critics talking about death metal’s stagnation, I’d like to shove albums like this in their face after such statements and tell them to look for better bands. Formed in Gothenburg in 2011, debut demo released 2012 (noted by Fenriz of Darkthrone as well), signed by Century Media in 2013; it’s been all up-and-up since for the Vampire lads.

Celtic Frost and early Darkthrone, early The Haunted and Witchery – this band’s gumbo is chock full of their flavourful styles – all damn good choices. As a matter of fact, they strive to distil everything fine about metal (thrash, death, black, classic, etc) focused towards their means and come out with this monster of a jam. “Knights Of The Burning Crypt” is a hell of an opener, as you hear those swords draw, you know it’s on. All songs are fierce rippers though; tracks like “Midnight Trial” and “Ghoul Wind” have infectious hooks that stick around as melodic hums after they’re done, meanwhile “Metamorfosis” shows more epic touches of a sure-to-be live staple.

It’s hard to believe that this is their second album, although they do have a few splits and EPs; even still, everything sounds as tight as some of the more well-established acts. Definitely do your moral duty and give this to kids so that they know what good ‘classic sound’ modern death should be; up there along with Obliteration and Skelethal. I definitely even go so far as to say With Primeval Force should make loads of year-end lists for people, if not most certainly end up in your hands. No joke, drop your hard-earned cash on this with extreme confidence.

With Primeval Force Track Listing:

01. Knights Of The Burning Crypt
02. He Who Speaks
03. Metamorfosis
04. Skull Prayer
05. Midnight Trial
06. Revenants
07. Ghoul Wind
08. Initiation Rite
09. Scylla

Run Time: 38:10
Release Date: April 21, 2017

Check out the track “He Who Speaks”: