classic metal


We’re elated to bring you the exclusive world premiere of the latest lyric video from ground breaking heavy metal band, Mindcage. Taken from the special edition release of their album, Our Own Devices (August 12, 2014), “The Navigator’s Hymn” is a blazing metal song that, much like the majority of the group’s work, puts a fresh, conceptual spin on an internationally-embraced classic heavy metal sound. Mindcage worked with triple-platinum producer Michael Wagener (Ozzy Osbourne, Accept, Megadeth, Alice Cooper, Helloween) to mix the song for this special edition version.

With all of the drama surrounding the band’s split with Geoff Tate, I have to admit I was pretty reluctant to actually listen to this album. Generally when a band splits with their singer the end results are usually not very good. Sure, there are the occasional successes, but for every AC/DC or Van Halen who switch singers and succeed, there are countless others (Motley Crue, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest) who do not.

Today, reunited Danish heavy metal cult Witch Cross stream the entirety of their comeback album, Axe to Grind, online for all! Released this week by Hells Headbangers on both CD and LP formats, Witch Cross’s Axe to Grind is the band’s first full-length of all-new material since 1984’s heavy metal classic Fit for Fight, reissued to widespread acclaim last year by Hells Headbangers.