Land of the Freaks is apparently a re-release and originally came out in 2009 in Europe. According to the band’s bio, their music has had extremely limited access in North America. I can kind of understand why as the band play a really odd style which genre hops at the drop of a hat amid quirky lyrics about racism (“God Save the Spleen, “Honey, You’re A Nazi”), bashing on the internet (“Hip Hop Hoorah”) and other hot-button topics. The band has a pretty interesting and unique style as a result.

What kind of name is Freak Kitchen anyway? Who are these people? Just how crazy is their music? The Swedish heavy metal/hard rock trio consisting of Mattias “IA” Eklundh, Christer Ortefors and Bjorn Fryklund, has been performing together as Freak Kitchen since 1992. Until recently their music has been rare in North America, except for the lucky few who have been able to track it down. In May Freak Kitchen will release a new album, Land of the Freaks, rendering their music much more available and accessible to us on the other side of the pond.

Hailing from the land of melodic death metal, In Flames is one of the Sweden’s best exports (besides ABBA and Absolut Vodka). Recently I got to catch up with Björn, guitarist, songwriter and one of the band’s original members. Read on to learn about what he has to say on the meaning of the latest album Sounds Of A Playground Fading, guitarist Jesper’s departure, nakedness, and more.

Approximately 17 years ago Dark Tranquillity released their debut album Skydancer. To this day the band still has four of their original members, a huge accomplishment for any band. In addition to their loyalty the members have matured as musicians and with them brought We Are The Void. This, their latest effort, truly demonstrates how much they have evolved since their first release.