Here’s a band on the cusp of finally getting a bit more recognition for the noise they deliver. Hollow Leg has had the sludgy, southern-style doom rock down since their first EP Instinct and, with this EP, they deliver the goods once again. This time, following their last heavy platter CROWN, we get two carefully-crafted songs released for the early part of 2017. One notable change being the amicable parting of ways between the band and long-time founding member, drummer Tim Creter.

So, with former Bloodlet/Caribou King man John Stewart taking over the skins, what we have is a strong showcase of the group’s current form. “Raven” is the heftier number of the pair, with just the right amount of mix for everyone, it’s a granite heavy track that just soars. “Murder,” however, while still rocking and satisfying, does so without offering too much more than being a good, solid track; which is a bit confusing because they are totally capable of more (of which I’m sure they are currently creating). This is a band that can fully crush anytime they want to, so this is honestly just a taster.

All in all, as a fan of their past works in Abysmal and CROWN, I can say that this is decent enough to tide one over for the next big, complete, heaping helping of loud goodness. Argonauta Records is definitely smart for keeping an eye on these guys; for what comes forth next from them could definitely bring serious notice. For now, they should have fun crafting their next full-length while Murder satiates those waiting for more, and absolutely provides a decent starting point for any new ears checking them out. Cheers for another great group of underdogs provided by the Sunshine State.

Murder EP Track Listing:

01. Raven
02. Murder

Run Time: 12:42
Release Date: March 03, 2017

Check out the band’s song “Murder”