Rounder Records

By: Kat Harlton

The multi-Grammy nominated SteelDrivers are set to release their latest offering The Muscle Shoals Recordings on June 16th via Rounder Records.

The Muscle Shoals is largely inspired by SteelDrivers’ lead vocalist/guitarist Gary Nichols’ hometown, which their press release referred to as “an area of confluence and consequence, of intermingling, experimentation and exultation, and a legendary music mecca.”

The Muscle Shoals re-solidifies their reign as one of the best country/bluegrass bands on the scene, with their raw, soulful sound creating a space for the listener to embrace the bluegrass lifestyle and immerse themselves in the day to day tribulations of the working class.

Featuring strong song writing by Gary Nichols, who wrote/co-wrote five of the 11 tracks including ‘Here She Goes’ and lead single ‘Brother John’ and equally strong storytelling by Tammy Rogers who has writing credits on most of the remaining tracks, it’s this combination of unique, inspired narratives that really gives the album a layer of dynamics and tension.

Also featuring an amazing collaboration with Jason Isbell who co-produced and contributed slide guitar on Brother John and Ashes of Yesterday, this album demands both your time and attention if you really wish to reap the benefits of the SteelDrivers’ talent and dedication to their craft.

I’ve listened to this album numerous times over, and encourage you to do the same.